Thursday, October 6, 2016

How stupid do political fundraisers think we are? And are they right?

Yesterday, I got one of the many polls asking me if I agreed with this group's nostrums, and would I send them money? I like these. I give the exact opposite of the answers they want (yes, I want to see our country ruined; no, I don't want to stop the evil folks from taking over). Gangs of fun.

Well, this poll was a duplicate, so I decided to make up a new name for it. (Vote early and often, that's what I say. I've taken some of these polls about ten times). I picked Sergey as my first name, and used my regular last name. This was the first time for Sergey, unlike my other aliases.

Today, I got an e-mail addressed to Sergey, saying that "As one of our most active supporters in Minnesota, you have been selected to take our new" politician survey.

Sergey got a second letter, asking him his opinion on a vital question. Click Yes, No, or Unsure. No matter which one you click, you get taken to the same survey, with the same leading questions.

These surveys usually imply I'm one of the select few whose opinion they're asking. The criterion of selection is, of course, that they have my mailing address.

Occasionally, one of my aliases gets a letter asking 'Is it true you're voting for that evil person the other party is running?' The survey that follows, though, invariably contains the same questions as the ones that think I'm one of their stalwart fighters for truth, justice, and the party that sent them.

So, who do they think they're fooling with these? It's insulting they think I'm dumb enough to respond, but it's scary, thinking that lots of people either do fall for the phoniness, or (worse) don't care that our would-be political saviors are so routinely dishonest.

P.S.: I miss Bernie. I never sent him any money either, but his letters weren't quite as hackneyed as the ones I get now.

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