Friday, October 7, 2016

Just how corrupt do the politicians think we are? And I’m increasingly afraid they are correct.

The Attorney General of New York State reads in The Washington Post that the Trump Foundation has not done the paperwork to raise funds in New York . He tells them to cease fund-raising activity immediately. Only twenty-four hours between the announcement that the proper forms weren’t filed, and the cease and desist order.

As someone who will vote for Trump, I got no problem with that at all. Trump’s foundation should obey the law.

Meanwhile, Scripps-Howard reports that two Clinton foundations don’t follow NY law, in that they fail to identify their donors and report the amounts each gives them. The AG’s office says ‘no problemo.’ Laws are for the little people, not the Clintons.

Care to guess what party the NY State Attorney General belongs to, and who he supports in the presidential race?

But will this affect anyone’s vote? I doubt it. ‘Corruption, Shmorruption’ seems to be the attitude.

And I doubt this will get the AG thrown out of office either, though it should. We’ve reached the point where the electorate doesn’t believe that anyone on their side can do wrong. That scares me.

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